President’s Report – August 2019

Kim Fuller

Welcome to another day in paradise. With all that is happening to make this an even more perfect place to live, I count my lucky stars to have so many people willing to help make our community better. Take a moment, while appreciating all the sunsets, and be sure to thank all those neighbors that work so hard volunteering for our mutual benefit.

Last month we all got to witness the earthquakes that fortunately did little damage here at Shadow Hills. A little north of us, people were not so lucky. But, until an earthquake is upon us, we don’t think about the many people that look out for our safety every day.

The Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee, made up of many that work together to warn and check on us after such an event, was active once again to make sure all was safe. This subcommittee’s process of evaluation, warnings, and follow-up to check on homes is appreciated by everyone but sometimes overlooked when there is no emergency. Chair Jeff Kirkpatrick and his subcommittee deserve our thanks, not only when emergencies arise but every day because they give us a sense of security and safety. They are watching out for us, getting ready to go into action at a moment’s notice when the occasion arises. As I have said in the past, when that day comes, Jeff and his volunteers will be the most important people on earth; and I for one am glad to have them here every day. Thank you all for doing what you do so well.

If you’ve not been to the Montecito Clubhouse to experience the new renovation, you need to visit and check out the magnificent job that has been done. Many have written to say thank you for a job well done. The new colors, furniture, and designs are just beautiful. A project that started over one year ago is now finished, and we all get to enjoy the outcome.

We need to thank the people who worked so hard to make this a reality. John Petersen, chair of the Facilities & Services Advisory Committee, led this task from beginning to end. The Interior Design Committee, made up of Linda Bostjanick, Ralph Erickson, Vicki Berg, Barbara Segal, Marie Devito, and Frankie Shack, all deserve our thanks and gratitude for a terrific job.

A very special thank you to Ralph Erickson, who worked throughout the construction process to be sure all was proceeding as designed. Construction is never a perfect science without changes, and Ralph was there to help answer the questions and find solutions when needed. Even when it was time for him to leave the area, he stayed here to make it all happen. How do you ever thank such a person? To all of you: well done, everyone is grateful.

As you all know, the Board has been investigating the pros and cons of a Bulk Cable Contract for the HOA at the request of many residents. This is a negotiation with the cable/Internet companies to provide Internet and TV services for a period of five years in order to reduce the monthly fee. The Board appointed a committee to investigate and gather information for the Board’s review. That committee is working on more proposals and ideas that have been presented to the HOA. Additional Town Hall meetings will be held August 1 and 2 to present more information about the different plans and the process to decide the outcome. The Board has determined that there must be a vote of the residents to give consent for such a five-year contract.

Currently, not only are we investigating an Internet/TV option, but we are also investigating an Internet only option. This option would mean the HOA would provide Internet only, and residents would then pick their own TV plan and purchase that service directly from a provider. There are positives and negatives to both options, so be sure to watch the Town Hall videos before deciding how you want to proceed:

As the next step, we will be sending out a survey through the e-blast system to find out your thoughts on having any type of cable contract. The goal of the survey will be to find out if residents want such a five-year contract and, if so, what kind of plan. This survey will be available on the website for residents to fill out. This is not the official vote by ballot; that will come later in the mail.

Only after these steps of gathering information are complete, along with resident input, will the Board decide on how or if we move forward with such a proposal. If the Board decides to move forward, an official ballot will be sent to every home because residents will have to give consent for the Board to proceed with a contract for five years. The Board may not proceed without the residents’ consent on such an action.

Please enjoy your day and never forget: it doesn’t get any better than this!

Kim Fuller