President’s Report – December 2017

Two and a half years ago when I watched my first sunrise here and was thankful I could live in such a beautiful place as Shadow Hills. And it was just about that time that some very special, dedicated, and committed people went to work updating our CC&Rs and By-Laws. That committee (consisting of Fera Mostow, RD Corette, Jim Kintner, Robert Israel, Gordon Smith, and Joan Dzuro) deserves our thanks and admiration for the countless hours they have spent to finally bring to a vote the changes in the CC&Rs and By-Laws we all need because Pulte has left the development.

Many of the CC&Rs and By-Laws were set up to accommodate Pulte while they built our homes. But now that Pulte is gone, our CC&Rs and By-Laws need to be updated to reflect our current independent situation.

Removing Pulte from the CC&Rs and By-Laws was not easy because, when you take out a name in one place, it can affect another place. So this tireless committee had to go through the sections one by one until all sections would flow from one to the other without confusion. It was a two-year job, and the result is a thorough update to our CC&Rs and By-Laws.

We will now put the document to our residents for a vote. To make this process complete, we will need everyone to vote; so please ask your friends and neighbors to vote so we can all put this behind us.

Besides the changes eliminating Pulte from our CC&Rs and By-Laws, the committee also looked at other changes they thought would benefit our community. After presenting these to the homeowners and receiving many comments, it appeared that some of the items were too controversial among our homeowners. As a result, we decided to simplify the ballot by removing the controversial sections. The items removed were:

  1. Proxy Voting.
  2. Minimum number of homeowners to call special meeting.
  3. Code of conduct of Board candidates.
  4. Business leases from one to five years.
  5. Removal of a Board member. Removal of the Covenants Committee.

Because of eliminating the above sections, we have only three non-Pulte-related changes on the ballot. These are:

  1. Minimum time for rentals from 90 days to 45 days.
  2. Removal of term limits for committee members.
  3. Cumulative voting removed.

So, there will only be four items to vote on:

  1. The body of the document with all the changes for Pulte’s removal.
  2. Minimum time for rentals from 90 days to 45 days.
  3. Removal of term limits for committee members.
  4. Cumulative voting removed.

By separating these four items, you can vote separately for each item. Hopefully we all agree that the removal of Pulte from the documents should get everyone’s support. We recommend that you investigate the other three items and vote as you see fit in the best interest of everyone at Shadow Hills.

We can now easily make our choices with a much simpler ballot, knowing the controversial items have been removed. Once again, I am grateful, and once again I have to say, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Kim Fuller