President’s Report – December 2018

Kim Fuller

Welcome to another day of beauty and sunshine at SCSH. Many of our residents have returned to this paradise for the winter after taking refuge in cooler climates.

Once again, we need your help in voting on the CC&R and Bylaw changes. The HOA has spent over $40,000 to update these documents, but we need your help to finalize the process and put this project to rest. We need everyone to vote so this effort is not wasted. We need you to vote and send in your ballot to complete the process.

To change the CC&Rs and Bylaws, we need approximately 2,500 ballots to proceed with the Special Election. To date we only have about 1,300 ballots, about half of what is necessary for ratification. If you have not already done so, please vote! In the coming weeks, if you have not voted, you will receive a new packet with a ballot and election specifications. Ballot drop-off boxes are located at the Santa Rosa and Montecito Clubhouses. If you have voted, thank you; and please remind your friends and neighbors to do the same.

There are four items on the ballot for your consideration. After many comments from residents, the Board decided to present the following four items for a vote:

  1. Item 1 includes all the proposed changes to remove Pulte from the documents where applicable, and all changes required because of new state laws. If item 1 passes, then the CC&Rs and Bylaws listed would become the current documents. Since Pulte is no longer here, it seemed responsible to remove them from the documents wherever possible. The other changes are required due to changes in the law. If item 1 passes, the documents will become clearer without Pulte being listed where applicable and, since we must implement new laws anyway, the documents would reflect that which is required by law.
  2. Item 2 is a vote to remove term limits on committee members. Currently there is a two-term limit on committee members. Some have felt that committee members should stay longer if they are willing because of their expertise. A vote in favor of this item supports removing term limits.
  3. Item 3 is a vote to remove cumulative voting for Board member elections. Currently the HOA uses cumulative voting every other year in the election process when three Board positions are up for election. When only two positions are up for election, regular voting is used. In regular voting you may not put more than one vote to any one candidate. In cumulative voting, you may put more than one vote to any one candidate. This is the difference between the two voting methods.
  4. Item 4 is to change the minimum rental period from 90 days to 45 days. It will also remove the language which allows homeowners to rent for less than 90 days if they use a management company to rent their homes. Current language allows homeowners to use a management company and rent for as little as one day. So, if this item passes, no resident will be able to rent their home for less than 45 days; there will be no more exceptions.

If you have questions, please let me know or contact other Board members or staff. Once you send in your ballot, take a break and watch the beautiful sunset, and once again we can all understand and say, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Kim Fuller