Presidents’ Report for June 2016

Each month your HOA Board of Directors (BOD) participates in several meetings. I thought it might be helpful if I outlined those:

  • Board of Directors Executive Session: Each month the BOD meets in closed session to discuss litigation, contracts (including bids for new contracts), personnel issues, and resident hearings
  • Board of Directors General Session: Each month (usually the last Monday of the month), the BOD meets to vote on contract items, review staff and committee reports, and review the financial statements to accept them for review by our auditor. These sessions are open for all homeowners in our community to attend, and we encourage you to come so that you are aware of where the funds are going that you pay each month in your assessments. We videotape the open session and place the videotape on our website ( so that all residents, whether here or out of town, can keep up to date on what is occurring in the community. At the general session, homeowners have upto three minutes to address the Board on any issue that they would like. The Board has to limit this time to three minutes in order to get through all of the business that is necessary.
  • Each month the Board President and one other Board member attend a Meet a Board Member session. At this meeting, the Board members are there to listen to resident concerns with no time limit on their presentation.
  • Committee Liaisons: We have about a dozen advisory committees that are made up of homeowners who are volunteering to help the community. They consist of Design Review, Finance, Safety and Emergency Sub-Committee, Food and Beverage, Communication, Information, Landscape, Golf, and two temporary committees: Governing Documents and Transition. A Board member attends each committee meeting as a liaison between the committee and the Board.
  • Budget: Each year the Board holds a series of budget meetings that are open to homeowners to attend and listen as the Board goes line by line through the budget and determines the appropriate amounts for the next year plus whether any change to the monthly assessment is needed.

The Board of Directors is elected to represent and promote the best interests of the community as a whole. Ultimately, the role of the Board is to
protect the community and its assets. This is accomplished by overseeing the management company that handles day-to-day operations at the Board’s direction, maintaining the common property, and enforcing the governing documents (CC&Rs, By-laws, Design Rules, Rules and Regulations, Charter Club/Group Rules, etc.).

The Board has established several ways for homeowners to ask questions and get information about the community. You can email  or go to the website and “Ask a Question”; and you can email our General Manager, Ceasar Larrach, or any of the Board members (their contact information appears on the inside front page of the View magazine each month as well as on the website).

As summer approaches and we all take some time out from the heat, I hope you will remain connected to our community through our phone
apps, podcasts, and website.

Have a great summer!