President’s Report – January 2021

As published in The View, January 2021:

Kim Fuller

Happy New Year to everyone during this most unusual time. We all hope this pandemic will end soon, but for now we must remain focused and stay the course. Although a vaccine is coming, we still must be as vigilant as possible because we still have a few months to go. This is not the time to be relaxed and let down our guard; this is the time to be very cautious, very responsible, and very aware plus do everything possible to keep this virus from infecting our families and friends.

Your 2021 total monthly assessment per homeowner unit is $306. This amount includes the $12 for your Frontier internet. However, the Board voted to issue each homeowner unit a one-time credit of $144. So, your January 2021 assessment will be reduced by $144, making the total amount due for January $162. The amount due for February through December 2021 will be $306 per month. Please make a note that for January your monthly assessment is $162 and not $306.

A new State law, California AB3182, has gone into effect on January 1, 2021. This new law requires that the minimum rental time for all HOAs cannot be greater than 31 days. Our CC&Rs currently require the minimum rental time to be 90 days. This means the HOA can prohibit rentals of 30 days or less but cannot deny a rental time of 31 days or more. Our HOA is required to follow the new State law even though our CC&Rs state something different. So, effective January 1, 2021, our HOA will not allow rentals for 30 days or less, but it does mean owners may rent their homes for 31 days as the minimum rather than the previous 90 day minimum.

The new law also requires us to change our CC&Rs to conform to the new State law, which we will be presenting to the residents. Hopefully, we can get enough ballots in favor of the change but, even if we do not, we will be required by law to enforce the new law no matter what our CC&Rs state. Unfortunately, we are not allowed simply to change the wording in our CC&Rs; we are required to have our residents vote in the change even though we must follow the new law.

A change to the CC&Rs happens by a ballot vote to all residents and requires 51% of all homes to vote in favor of the change. This will mean we will need 1760 affirmative homes to make it happen. If we do not get the 1760 votes, we will have to leave the language in our CC&Rs the same even though it will not apply and it will be different from the new State law. When the ballot comes out be sure to vote for this provision so we can hopefully align our CC&Rs with the State law we are required to follow.

It is a most unusual time, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. It is getting brighter by the day, but for now we must all work hard to ensure the health and safety of all residents. I look forward to seeing card players in every room again. I look forward to seeing the billiards room full once again. I look forward to seeing crafts being made and photos on the wall again. I look forward to seeing the Lady Putters and Tuesday Night Putters once again. I look forward to the concerts along with gatherings like Meet and Eat, Comedy Night, Tutta Bella, and dinner with friends again.

The days ahead will be better. They are coming. I look forward to those special days again knowing “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

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