President’s Report – July 2019

Kim Fuller

Bulk Cable TV/Internet Service

Another beautiful day in paradise. Sometimes it is best to take a break and appreciate what we have and just how nice it is to live in Shadow Hills. As Karla and I watched the sunrise, she turned to me and said, “I just love living here and looking at those mountains. We are lucky.” Sometimes it is the little things, staring right at us, that matter the most. Please enjoy your day.

The Board has been investigating the pros and cons of a bulk cable contract for the HOA at the request of many residents. This is a negotiation with the cable/internet companies to provide internet and TV services for a period of five years in order to have a reduction in the monthly fee. The Board appointed a committee to investigate and gather information for the Board’s review. I want to thank that committee for all their work, and for any future work we might need. That committee has recommended the Spectrum program, but the Board is still negotiating with Frontier. This does not mean the program has been approved but, if a bulk cable program is approved, Spectrum is the recommended choice of the committee. The Board will decide on the final program and with which company to go forward if approved.

That information has been given to the Board and the Board held some town hall meetings in late June to explain the information, listen to comments, and answer questions. Those town hall meetings were video-taped and are available on our website here: So, please take some time to view those meetings. Many questions will be answered.

After you view the videos, please let us know your comments or questions. The Board’s goal is to gather as much information as possible so the Board can make a responsible and informed decision about how to proceed. To this end we will need everyone’s comments, both pro and con, to have a complete picture of the situation and how it affects the HOA.

We will be sending out a survey through our e-blast system to find out your thoughts on having such a cable contract. This survey is only available electronically so, if you are not signed up on the e-blast system, be sure to do so. Only after these steps of gathering information are complete, along with resident input, will the Board decide how or if we move forward with such a contract. It is estimated that the Board will not vote on this program until at least its August meeting. Be sure to give us your comments before that date.

Some of the basic points we now know about implementing such a program:

  1. Every homeowner would have to participate; there is no opt out provision from either company.
  2. There are no provisions for putting services on hold if you are gone for a period of time.
  3. The HOA would pay the monthly fees, and the homeowners would pay the HOA by having their monthly assessment increased by that amount.
  4. Services include TV with about 200 channels and internet with download speed of 100 Mbps. Upload speeds will vary depending on the company.
  5. The total cost for the services including taxes and fees is estimated at $45 to $48 per month.
  6. Land line phone is not included, but can be added for about $10 per month, billed directly to the homeowner.
  7. The program includes two set-top boxes and two HD DVRs.
  8. Additional boxes and DVRs may be added for additional cost, billed directly to the homeowner.
  9. The program will be decided by a Board vote, not a vote of the homeowners.
  10. By-law Section 9.2.2 (a) (v), allows for a five-year contract with a cable company.

As you can see, there is much to consider. Please let us know your thoughts and comments, both for and against such a program. Hopefully at the August meeting the Board will vote to decide on an outcome. Let me know if you have any questions.

In the meantime, please enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and great neighbors, and be thankful we get to live in a little slice of paradise. Please enjoy the beautiful sunny days and stay safe in your travels, and don’t ever forget, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Kim Fuller