President’s Report – July 2020

As published in The View, July 2020:

Kim Fuller

Given these crazy times that none of us have experienced before, it is easy to forget how much we truly can be thankful for. A neighbor greets me with a “good morning,” I smile and reflect on the gift of this paradise. It is a pleasure meeting, talking, and working with so many great people. Even in the middle of a pandemic, we need to count our lucky stars.

Today I would like to take a moment to thank some of the many people who are doing so much for our community. It is easy to forget all the people who work hard to make this place a paradise. So many people on so many committees give their time so we all benefit. Too often, residents will think it is the Board that does all the work; but the members of each committee are putting in much of the effort. All these members make the difference between success and failure in creating a beautiful place to live. I thank them all for making the work of the Board so much easier.

If you know a committee member, stand up and recognize them. We can’t say it loudly enough or often enough, given their dedication. Thanks to all the committee chairs for their service and unselfish dedication:

  • City Development Committee: Erica Hedlund
  • Communications Advisory Committee: Dennis Sheehan
  • Covenants Committee: Traci Barnett Hone & Lee Powell
  • Design Review Committee: Ted Shettler
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee: Jeff Kirkpatrick
  • Facilities & Services Advisory Committee: John Petersen
  • Finance Advisory Committee: Bill Wethe
  • Food & Beverage Advisory Committee: Jurgen Gross
  • Golf Advisory Committee: Dennis Hooper
  • Health & Fitness Advisory Committee: Rick Halla
  • Information Advisory Committee: Stacia Armstrong
  • Landscape Advisory Committee: Chris Stevens
  • Lifestyles Advisory Committee: Pamela Castro-Lee
  • Safety Advisory Committee: Ed Chavez

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To sign up for email blast messages, please fill out the form on our community website. We are not allowed to send you messages without your permission. There is also a form you can complete if you want your email information to remain private. The more residents we sign up for this email communication, the more we are able to keep you up to date with everything that is happening here at Shadow Hills.

Once again, when the sun sets on this day, I will reflect on the beautiful sunrise, a good morning greeting, all the kind people who have gathered in this community, and again say to myself, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

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