President’s Report – June 2018

Once again as the first light breaks across the horizon, and a neighbor greets me with a “good morning,” I smile and reflect on the gift of this paradise. It is a pleasure meeting, talking, and working with so many great people. Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions or concerns.

Today I would like to take a moment to thank some of the many people who are doing so much for our community. It is easy to forget all the people that work to make this place a paradise. So many people on so many committees work hard for our benefit. Too often people think it is the Board that does all the work. But it is the members of each committee that are doing much of the work, to provide the Board with the information before voting. It is all these members that make the difference between success and failure in creating a beautiful place to live. Please take a moment and thank them for all their efforts and for making the work of the Board so much easier.

If you know a committee member, stand up and thank them. We can’t say it loud enough or often enough given their dedication. Let me take this moment to thank all the Chairs of each committee for their service and unselfish dedication:

  • Communications Advisory Committee Chair: Tom Hutson
  • Design Review Committee Chair: Vicki L Berg
  • Facilities & Services Advisory Committee Chair: John Petersen
  • Finance Advisory Committee Chair: Bill Wethe
  • Food & Beverage Advisory Committee Chair: Jurgen Gross
  • Golf Advisory Committee Chair: Dave Bakshy
  • Information Advisory Committee Chair: Erin Smith
  • Landscape Advisory Committee Chair: Chris Stevens
  • Safety Advisory Committee Chair: Ed Chavez
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair: Jeff Kirkpatrick

And the new Covenants Committee should be starting in the next two months.

We have a new website ready to launch soon. The Board will be reviewing the site and, if all goes well, it will be launched sometime in June. Our goal is to be able to communicate with residents with information as fast as possible. To make this happen, we need each resident to sign up for e-blast communications, which are the notices we send out by e-mail. If you haven’t already signed up for e-blast, you will need to fill out a form to receive these e-mails as we are not allowed to send them without your permission. There is also a form to fill out if you want your e-mail information to remain private. This, too, can be accommodated. The more residents we sign up for this e-mail communication, the faster we can send out notices of information to you and keep you up to date about everything that is happening here at Shadow Hills.

So, when the sun sets on this day, I will reflect on the beautiful sunrise, a good morning greeting, plus all the kind people who have gathered in this community and say to myself, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Kim Fuller