President’s Report – June 2021

As published in The View, June 2021:

John MacDonnell

Get On Board

As I sit down to write this, I have been your new HOA Board President for a little over 30 days, during which I and my fellow team members on the Board have been beneficially busy. I have focused on familiarizing myself with the many staff personnel and various contractor employees that make our community operate on a day-to-day basis. I have also enjoyed meeting with members of the various Advisory Committees, as well as our selfless volunteer homeowners, to gain a better understanding of their efforts and ideas for improvements within their committees. People like this, each with a generous amount of devotion to this community, have made it possible for everyone else to focus on the business of making our community even better. I would also like to acknowledge the continued support, assistance, and encouragement that I have received from so many of you as our new administration commences with a different approach.

Within the last month I have come to understand that change takes time. I know that many of you feel much more comfortable about this new administration, and even proud to live in this community again, however there are some who still feel wary about this new approach. Like all great things, it does take time, patience, and understanding to find common ground when opposing views intertwine. Remember, we may disagree, but we must do it agreeably, so that collectively, we can find the best way to make our community enjoyable for everyone invested.

I would also like to broaden the impact that our selfless volunteers have had on our community. Any amount of help, whether minute or grand here and there, is the backbone of our new success as a community. While the Board is working with matters like the stability and continuity of a desirable community, our fellow volunteer homeowners have been dedicating their time in a wide variety of ways. Some have come from backgrounds as teachers, some as scientists, and some ran their own businesses. It may help or it may not even matter what one’s background is. All that really matters is their invested determination to help strengthen our community during such a brief transition. Within only a few days, many of our selfless new volunteers expressed an interest, were interviewed, and placed into positions in a wide range of committees. I would like to thank and congratulate all who have contributed thus far. Here are a few that have allowed me to announce their acceptance:

  • Toni Caylor – Chair, Covenants Committee
  • Kathy Lindstrom – Chair, Food and Beverage Advisory Committee
  • Jeff Kirkpatrick – Chair, Safety Advisory Committee
  • Paul Priebe – Food and Beverage Advisory Committee
  • Sue Krogsdale – Food and Beverage Advisory Committee
  • Frank Molnar – Covenants Committee
  • Plus four new members to Emergency Preparedness Sub-Committee

A list of all our committees is available in The View and can also be found on our community website at If any committes interest you, please download and submit an application to our assistant general manager, Vanessa Ayon, at From there, an interview, availability check, and any other supporting experience you may have, will be reviewed, and submitted to the committee chairs, who will contact you about your application.

Together we can keep growing as a community, and – whether you do it today, tomorrow, or sometime in the future – you will find there are many ways to share your expertise for the betterment of our community. I am excited to meet new volunteers and welcome their strengths as we move forward. Thank you for helping us all prove that Sun City Shadow Hills can become even better.

P.S. The Board, our volunteers, committee chairs, and especially the members of our community, are excited to see the progress toward entering the State’s “Yellow Tier.” We hope this is the case by the time this message is published. Upward and onward – I’ll see you there!

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