President’s Report – June 2022

As published in The View, June 2022:

Kathy Lindstrom
Vice President

It is with great pride and honor that I address our Sun City Shadow Hills community as your newly elected HOA Vice President. The long campaign is over and now it is time to begin the work that our community has entrusted the five members of your Board of Directors to do.

The day-to-day decisions your Board members make range from feral cats, to speeding, to insurance and beyond. Throw in the Coachella Valley Water District Storm Channel, the five-acre parcel, and a budget that will be hit with 8%-plus inflation, and there will be many long and difficult decisions to bring to our community.

The members of this new Board must address these and other challenges in a cohesive manner that ensures each decision will benefit the good of our community. We must work cooperatively for our homeowners and put aside the personal agendas which might have been present during the campaign. We must move forward in a manner respectful to our fellow board members, as well as our residents, in order to maintain the premier status of our Sun City Shadow Hills Community.

This is a wonderful community in which we live with excellent resident volunteers. I am privileged to be the Board liaison to the Health and Fitness Advisory Committee, the City Development Coordinating Committee, and the Food and Beverage Advisory Committee. I have also worked closely with members of the Finance Advisory Committee and the Facilities Advisory Committee.

Each of these committees has such talented individuals in their areas of expertise. We have outstanding individuals who do the fact-finding for the Board and the community at large. They provide the checks and balances for decisions made by the Board. We could not have any better system than advisory councils. These advisory committees enable early identification of problems or concerns, plus support effective discussion and actions by the Board to advance the successful running of the community overall. These volunteers are exceptional in their dedication to our community.

It is my commitment, as your HOA Vice President, to be an active listener to our community members and advisory committees in order to achieve the continued betterment of our community. It is the obligation of your Board to “reason together” to make the necessary decisions entrusted to us by the homeowners and the Governing Documents.

If you have any concerns or would just like to chat, please join me on Thursday, June 9, in the Capistrano Room in the Montecito Clubhouse. I will be there at 3 pm for a Meet and Greet as one of your new Board members. I hope to see you there.

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