President’s Report – March 2020

Kim Fuller

Bulk Cable Vote

This month’s report is coming from the entire Board:

At its meeting on January 27, 2020, the Board voted unanimously to present the Frontier plan (a five-year bulk contract for internet service) for homeowner approval. Since this announcement we have received many questions, so we will try to answer a few of the most frequently asked ones in this article.

  1. If Frontier is turned down by the homeowners, will the Board present the Spectrum plan?
    “No”. The Board voted unanimously that, if the Frontier plan is rejected by a ballot vote on April 7, 2020, the Spectrum plan will not be presented as an alternative. This essentially means it is Frontier or nothing.
  2. Why does the Board decide which plan is up for a vote by the community?
    The governance of the HOA is not decided by a resident survey or ballot vote. It is decided by a Board of five people that are elected by the residents to make decisions about all operations. Hopefully, it is in the best interest of the entire community, those for and against Spectrum. The Board needs to listen to all residents, not just residents in favor of Spectrum. Other opinions also matter. The Board’s goal was to present a plan that is in the best interest of the entire community, while at the same time negatively impacting the fewest people. The upcoming vote by the homeowners is only to give permission to the Board to sign a five-year contract, not to decide which plan will be selected.
  3. How can the Board propose Frontier when Spectrum was preferred 61% to 39%?
    There were many reasons, and it is not just a decision based on what most residents want personally, but what is best for everyone, and that includes the people who don't want Spectrum. The Frontier plan saves 98% of homeowner’s money without impacting very many in a negative way. The Spectrum plan would negatively impact 30 - 40% of the homeowners, while the Frontier plan negatively affects only 2%, yet you will still save money.
  4. The survey was in favor of Spectrum, so why did the Board send out the survey if they were not going to do what the residents preferred?
    The reason to survey is to gather information to assist the Board in making informed and responsible decisions based on all information available. Surveys are only one factor to be considered.
  5. Can the monthly amount of $12 be put on hold when we are out of town?
    No, the monthly amount of $12 will be part of the HOA monthly dues and may not be put on hold. Additional services provided directly to you from Frontier may be put on hold.
  6. Will there be further explanations about why the Board made this decision?
    The Board urges you look at the video of the Board meeting which has explanations by each Board member. We also recommend you calculate the actual difference in cost between the two plans. Each person is different, but in the end the Board decided that it was unwilling to impose an increase in dues of $50+ per month on those homeowners that don't want it, need it, or can't afford it.
  7. Is the Board concerned about the possible filing of bankruptcy by Frontier in the near future?
    The Board currently does not believe the possibility or the reality of bankruptcy matters. What matters is the delivery of service. If the company were to stop providing service, we would stop payments. Many companies file for bankruptcy and continue service. Keep in mind Charter (parent company of Spectrum) filed for bankruptcy about 10 years ago.

The Board will place on the upcoming ballot, which you should receive around March 1, a measure to allow the Board to negotiate and sign a five-year contract with Frontier for internet service. Spectrum will not be offered as a choice. It was the Board’s unanimous determination that the Frontier plan was in the best interest of the entire community, so that is the only plan being presented to homeowners for approval. On the ballot you will be able to vote either for or against the plan. The majority of those voting will decide the outcome.

If the majority of homeowners vote in favor of the plan, the Board will then finalize contract terms and sign a five-year contract with Frontier if final contract terms are acceptable. If the homeowners, by a majority vote of those voting, vote against the Frontier plan, then the Board will cease all actions concerning a five-year plan with any company for TV and/or internet services.

If you have questions, please let us know.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller, Fera Mostow, Bruce Marley, Linda Aasen, Robert Israel