President’s Report – May 2018

Welcome to another day in paradise, where each morning I watch a sunrise and gratefully acknowledge this is a great place to live. It is clear we all chose to live here for all the important reasons of life, and the few differences we have just don’t matter that much in the big picture of Shadow Hills. Sometimes I explain to others what it is like to live in such a place, and they just listen with envy; so I watch a sunset and thank my lucky stars for what we have to enjoy.

The Board election is over and, with three new members, the Board is moving quickly to offer new proposals for everyone to review. Many such proposals are born from the discussions each candidate had with residents during the election process. Each Board has its own personality; it doesn’t mean one is right or one is wrong, it just means each Board is different, and such differences come from the election process. All we need to do is recognize that there is no right or wrong, but only productive decisions motivated by unity. If decisions are motivated with this understanding, divisiveness will no longer exist; and productive outcomes will become self-evident. After participating in our first meeting, I for one am excited to see the new Board put aside election politics and work together in this atmosphere.

One such change coming forward involves the Covenants Committee. The Board voted to establish a new Covenants Committee, and we need resident volunteers for that committee. Currently the Board acts as the Covenants Committee. This committee listens to all the cases involving fines and citations for HOA rule violations. The CC&Rs and By-laws allow for a separate committee, made up of residents, to be the Covenants Committee. Once established, the Board will then be an appeal committee if someone does not like the decision of the Covenants Committee. This change would mean there would be a two-step process instead of a one-step process for all rule violations. This would also mean more residents would be involved in any disciplinary hearing, which many believe would be a positive path to a more open and positive system.

You can apply for this and other committees by filling out the “Advisory Committee Interest Form” which you can obtain online in the Residents Only section under “Association Documents”; or you can pick up the form at the HOA office.

We are also looking for volunteers for the Information Advisory Committee (IAC) which oversees our website. This committee needs writers as well as members to update the website with all the new information that is constantly produced. Keeping everyone informed as quickly as possible with accurate and up-to-date information helps us all by reducing any misunderstandings.

Once again, I will enjoy my sunset, the warm greetings from all the neighbors, and remind myself, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Have a great day.

Kim Fuller