Presidents Report – November 2016

I realize that we are all election-weary as of the publication of this magazine, but it is time for our community to start preparing for our election of Board members in 2017. For those of you who are new to our community, here is the process:

  • Each November, the Board votes on the members of the Nomination Committee.
  • Nomination forms are mailed out to each home, and a member in good standing (defined in our CC&Rs) can either self-nominate or nominate another member in good standing (just be sure they agree to the nomination).
  • The Nomination Committee reviews all nomination forms and confirms each person who is nominated is a member in good standing.
  • At the December Board meeting, the Nomination Committee presents the slate of candidates who will be running for the SCSH HOA Board. (In 2017 there will be two openings – Erica Hedlund’s and Barbara Stocky’s.)
  • Campaigning can begin the day after the Board meeting when the slate of officers has been approved. The candidates can campaign in our community through ads and door-to-door contact. Yard signs can only go up 30 days before our Annual Meeting and must be removed the day after that meeting.
  • Ballots will be mailed to each home by a contracted third-party election vendor that specializes in HOA elections. Each home will get two votes (one for each candidate they want to elect).
  • At our Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 2, 2017, the election company will make sure a quorum of votes has been received and then will count each ballot. About 2 – 3 pm that day (depending on the number of ballots received), the election company will announce the tabulation of the vote.
  • The top two vote-getters will then take seats on the stage with current Board members. They will then recess into Executive Session to discuss the various positions on the Board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large) and decide who should have which position.
  • The new Board will then reconvene the open session to announce who will serve in each position on the board.

Your vote is always critical in these elections. The people that you elect to serve on our Board are responsible for making sure that the $12,000,000 received each year is carefully handled for the benefit of all residents and that we keep our reserves strong. The Board also has the responsibility for dealing with conflicts that arise when residents do not follow the rules and regulations in our community.

There are numerous laws and governing documents that the Board has to know about and follow in this capacity. They must follow the Davis-Stirling Act, Corporate Code, Civil Codes, Association’s CC&Rs, By-laws, and various Rules and Regulations. There are 12 Board meetings each year plus 12 covenant meetings (where citations are heard and decided on); and each Board member serves on at least two committees as a liaison between the committee and the Board. Each Board member is required to read numerous materials to prepare for each Board meeting to meet their fiduciary duty and be prepared to discuss and vote on every issue.

Serving this community is an honor. Good luck to all those who are willing to serve.

Joan Dzuro