President’s Report – October 2015


Welcome back to our full-time residents that took some time off to get a break from the heat and to our seasonal residents who are returning to enjoy our fabulous winters.

Over the summer we had a lot of exciting things occur:

1. The Board approved the expansion of the lobby area of the HOA office as well as construction of a couple of additional office spaces and a new meeting room that the Board and committees can use. We hope this will address resident concerns that there wasn’t enough room in the office for them to conduct their business. This will free up the La Jolla room in the Santa Rosa Clubhouse so that our clubs have another place to meet (another resident issue that the Board has been trying to address). This is still in the planning stage, but we hope the work will be completed over the next six months.

2. After 10 years of wear and tear, our ballroom was refreshed with new carpet, wall coverings, dance floor, stage floor, and cabinets.

3. Listening to our racket clubs, the Board approved removing two of the eight bocce ball courts and installing four new Pickleball courts. There will be a ribbon cutting at the new courts on October 6, 2015, from 5 to 7 pm. Hope to see you all there.

4. The Board sent out a Request for Proposal to about 11 different restaurant professionals asking them to bid on running our five food venues. We received two responses, and the Board chose Western Golf Properties to operate all five venues (The Shadows, Golf Snack Bar, Montecito Café, Santa Rosa Bistro, and our catering service). By the time you receive this magazine, you should start to see improvement in the operation of these venues.

5. The Landscape Advisory Committee, with Board liaison John Council, have been working on taking advantage of more turf reduction rebates from IWA and CVWD. These efforts will help us conserve water as well as keep the beautiful appearance of our community.

6. Lifestyle has been hard at work planning more fun adventures throughout the fall and winter months.

Again, welcome back, it is great to have all of our friends and neighbors back in the community.