President’s Report – October 2017

As the first light breaks across the horizon, I am driving to northern California partly for work and partly for fun. I smile at watching the sun rise across the mountains and confirm I am living in a paradise called Shadow Hills. Hopefully, the work will be smooth, and the fun will match the beautiful scenery I am temporarily leaving. I already miss home, and I will be grateful when I return.

So much can change in so short a time, a time that some might consider tumultuous; but it is actually an opportunity for adjustment that will ultimately lead to balance. Life is a series of bumps in the road, but that is all they are, bumps; and we will survive to create a more productive future. These are times to cherish optimism because, in the end, I know all will be OK, and opportunity will lead to improvement. The light at the end of our tunnel is getting brighter, knowing we will improve each day with everyone’s help, and none of us is alone in this effort. With everyone’s help, it will be perfect.

An effort has led to a most useful addition, the formation of the new Maintenance/Services Advisory Committee, to help us maintain facilities and services for the future. With the suggestions of homeowners, this committee was formed to help advise the Board on maintenance and service issues; and it will help to ensure projects are completed satisfactorily. We are blessed with the ability to call on so many people who have so much knowledge because of life experience, that we can help each other for everyone’s benefit. There are 3,450 homes, consequently there is so much wisdom and experience to help ensure our future is productive and rewarding. John Peterson has agreed to chair this new committee, so please say thank you to John for all his volunteer help.

This committee will be looking for experienced people in every area possible from interior design, to decking, to electrical, to roofers, to plumbers, to engineers, and more, to help us with making intelligent and wise decisions in keeping these facilities a place in which we are proud to live. There isn’t a question that can’t be answered by the experience of our own homeowners, so all we need to do is be willing to reach out and help each other contribute to that future. As projects unfold, if you have experience which can help us attain a better outcome, please let John Peterson know, so we can all benefit from your knowledge. All of us will benefit, all of us will be grateful; and, with a little effort from each of us, our lives will be enriched each and every day.

We already know that many hands make for light work, and the outcome is always more perfect for everyone involved. Contact John, at to learn more. To get involved, fill out an Advisory Committee Interest form at the HOA office.

This kind of productive interaction, will certainly lead to a better, brighter future. So, no matter how tumultuous it might appear, I assure you it is not; and I return home knowing that “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Kim Fuller