Pulte Builds New Golf Maintenance Facility for SCSH

If you haven’t seen the new Golf Maintenance facility, it is located on the Northwest end of Phase 3 behind walls and a locked gate. This facility was built and paid for by Pulte at a cost to them of approximately $1 million.

The new facility is much needed since our maintenance staff and equipment currently are scattered at multiple locations throughout the community. The building is not yet complete, but Ozzie and his staff are looking forward to occupying the new site within the next few months.

The building will also include storage for golf course sand, gravel, fuel, and hydraulic lift for golf cart maintenance.

The building will include offices for Maintenance, Custodial, the Financial Analyst and the Golf Supervisor. It will have its own employee lunch room and copier room. The most important aspect of the building is that it will house all of the parts and spare supplies in one location. The exterior bay will include a hoist for Golf cart repair.

The exterior will include five storage units for sand, rock, and DG.

Thank you Pulte!