Quiet Enjoyment

All of our homes are somewhat close to one another. Just as a reminder, we all need to be aware of the noise that we make or cause to make -- whether our stereos are a little too loud or our dogs bark a little too often -- we all need to be careful to be considerate of our neighbors.

In fact:

Section 8.06 of the CC&R’s states: 

No illegal, noxious or offensive activities shall be carried out or conducted upon any Lot or Common Area nor shall anything be done within the Development that is or could become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to neighboring property Owners. Without limiting the foregoing:

(a) Noise Activities. No Owner shall permit noise, including, but not limited to barking dogs, the operation of stereo amplifier systems, television systems, horns, whistles, firecrackers, bells or other sound devices, except wind chimes and security devices used exclusively for security purposes or power tools, to emanate from an Owner's Lot or from activities within the Common Area, which would unreasonably disturb any other Owner's or tenant's enjoyment of his or her Lot or the Common Area. Owners of Lots adjacent to Golf Course fairways shall be obligated to be particularly attentive to restricting noise in yard areas adjacent to the fairways to levels that will not unreasonably disturb users of the Golf Course. Normal construction activities and parking in connection with the building of improvements on a Lot shall not be considered a nuisance or otherwise prohibited by this Declaration. The Board in its sole discretion shall have the right to determine the existence of any nuisance and:

Section 8.02(g) of the CC&R’s state:  Subject to the principle stated in Section 8.06 that no Owner or Resident shall engage in illegal, noxious or offensive activities, each Resident shall limit activities on his or her Lot that generate noise that may be offensive or annoying to neighboring Lot Owners or Residents of reasonable sensibilities to the hours between 9:00 a.m., and 7: OO p.m.. Wind chimes shall be allowed unless the location of the wind chimes cause the chimes to be audible from the closed interior of a neighbor's Residence. Nothing in this paragraph is intended to limit the generality of the nuisance provisions set forth in Section 8.06.