Recycling/Trash Tip: Food Scraps

Indio residents are now required to recycle food scraps and yard waste together. They will be sent by Burrtec to composting facilities instead of a landfill.

If you need a “Green Waste” or “Organics Only” bin, contact Burrtec Customer Service by:

Put these in the Burrtec bin labelled “Green Waste” or “Organics Only”

  • Food Scraps – fruits & vegetables; cheese, milk & other dairy products; meat, bones & eggs; bread, pasta, rice & grains; tea bags & coffee filters.

  • Food-Soiled Paper (compostable only) – The item should be soiled paper that is not coated with plastic. Examples include these paper items: napkins and tissues, plates and cups, to-go containers; food-service wrappers; pizza and cardboard produce boxes.

  • Yard Trimmings – Grass clippings; leaves, flowers & weeds; small branches and prunings; nonhazardous wood (natural state only, no treated or construction material).

For more tips on recycling, check out our Waste Recycling Guide on our Trash Collection page at