Reminder: Irrigation Water Runnoff

Friendly reminder, please ensure every reasonable effort is made to restrict excessive irrigation water runoff.

Design Rules 5.5 Automated Watering Systems (Irrigation)
All in-ground landscaping must be maintained by a fully automated underground watering (irrigation) system. The irrigation system should be equipped with an appropriate shut off valve and an upstream pressure regulator. Sprinklers should be placed in a manner so as to avoid over spray on structures, walls, windows, hardscape and walkways. Every reasonable effort shall be made by homeowners to restrict excessive irrigation water running into gutters.

A Few Tips:

  • Ensure the irrigation system and irrigation controllers are thoroughly checked routinely.
  • Minimize the time duration per station and slightly increase the start times.
  • Try to irrigate at night as the evaporation is slower at night.
  • If possible replace old nozzle on sprinkler heads.
  • Irrigate only as needed and consider the weather.
  • Level any uneven areas on your turf ground cover.

Try to avoid compaction with minor aerification.