Snowbirds Club

Contact: John McFerran
Phone: 778-873-3118

The Snowbirds Club was created for two primary reasons: 1) to provide specific information on a variety of topics to snowbirds, most importantly, safe home closures, and 2) to provide a vehicle for snowbirds to meet, socialize, and have fun together. Presently, the Snowbirds Club is comprised of almost an equal number of American and Canadian Snowbirds, and we also have quite a few permanent residents as members.

The Snowbirds Club has a 25-page Home Closure document to help you with the many steps necessary to close your home for the summer. We can also provide information on maintenance, repairs, and technology for your home.

The Snowbirds Club holds many social events throughout the winter where members can meet with other snowbirds, socialize over a glass of wine, and have some fun. Our goal is for snowbirds to develop some strong friendships.

We have created a variety of snowbird social groups for coffee, casual lunches, monthly mixers, and happy hours, as well as some outside programs. All are great way to meet fellow snowbirds.

To attend our member events and programs, please join our Snowbirds Club by registering at or by contacting John at