BOARD Makes Revisions to Transponder Program

As a result of several questions and concerns from residents, the Safety Advisory Committee (SAC) reviewed the transponder program as it pertains to vendors and contractors who are in Sun City Shadow Hills for short periods of time to work a project but are not likely to return within three months.

In order to provide some flexibility in the program without compromising the integrity of the transponder program, the Committee made some recommendations to the HOA Board. These changes were approved and will take effect this month.

Previously, a vendor or contractor was allowed three one-day passes to enter SCSH per month without having to purchase a transponder. If a vendor had three trucks, all the passes could be used in one day. The change to this policy will allow a vendor access 4 times per month with a possible 5th time depending on the circumstances and with the approval of a security supervisor.

Additionally, vendors and contractors will now be allowed to purchase a transponder on a monthly basis in certain circumstance. Some projects involve longer periods of time, possibly several weeks, but the vendors are not accessing the community for additional work within three months.   These longer projects will be better served with a monthly transponder pass.

To date, there are over 900 transponders issued to vendors and contractors. The intent of this program was to better identify and monitor vendors and contractors in our community. We now know when vendors come into and go out of the community. This program also provides the vendors much quicker access to the community, avoiding the long lines at the Gate. Equally important, if not more important, this program allows security to cite the vendors and contractors directly when they commit a traffic violation without having to send the citation to the resident employing that vendor.