Safety Advisory Committee Bicycle Survey Volunteers

Hello Sun City Shadow Hills residents!

The Safety Advisory Committee is looking for 15 volunteer bicyclists who frequently ride their bicycles in and out of the community. Staff will assign these 15 volunteers a sample transponder instrument mounted to their bicycle and ask the bicyclist to report on the successful or unsuccessful use of the bicycle mounted transponder. The volunteer bicyclists will also report any safety concerns they experience accessing or egressing our traffic lane vehicle gates.

Volunteer bicyclists will be asked to report on the following questions:

  1. What gate/s did you use?
  2. How many times did you access the gate/s?
  3. Did motor vehicle traffic interfere with your access/egress?
  4. Using a regular traffic lane, did the transponder on your bicycle successfully allow you through the roadway gate/s?
  5. Did you feel safe or unsafe mixing with vehicle traffic going through the gates?

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Thanks to Those Who Signed up To Participate!