Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

The Safety Advisory Committee is chaired by SCSH resident Ed Chavez who spent his entire career in Law Enforcement. SAC is made up of volunteer residents, most of whom spent their career in Law Enforcement as well. They meet every month to discuss matters of safety and security in Shadow Hills.

This months meeting began with a presentation from a vendor showing how to upgrade our security system to a live surveillance system. The pro’s and con’s of the system were discussed.

A representative of Indio Police was present and he discussed the surrounding farms and the fly infestation this year. He spoke about steps being taken to minimize this problem in future years.  The Indio Police Representative also addressed the “No Stopping” sign put up around our perimeter walls.

Rob Soruco, Director of Safety and Security with PCM, discussed the stop sign and speeding violations that continue in our community. Rob briefly touched on the open garage door violations.  Rob discussed future steps that will be taken to further control all of these violations.

The group also spoke about a visit that they made to The Springs Country Club in Rancho Mirage. They went there to view and discuss “rumble strips”.  The rumble strips would be used to alert drivers to slow their vehicles down as they approached stop signs.

The LED crosswalk program (sparkle sparkle) was brought up and its’ success may lead to future expansion.