Safety Update

Did the special emphasis placed on Speeding and Stopping at the stop signs show any improvement? Here are the trends.

SPEEDING - In 2016, patrol issued 55 citations; in 2015 patrol issued 112. In 2014, 158 citations were issued and in 2013 patrol issued 331 citations. Clearly the trend is down.

FAILURE TO STOP - In 2016, patrol issued 335 citations. In 2015 patrol issued 522 and in 2014 patrol issued 615 citations. Again, the trend is clearly down.

Overall the special emphasis on safety has improved big time. Obeying the speed limit, and stopping at the stop signs has improved safety.

Open garage doors continue to be an issue. It is for your safety these doors need to be closed when you are not in the garage, or working out in front of your home. An open door is a temptation to the many vendors/visitors we have here in the community.

On another positive note, there were zero reports of Burglary although we did have five thefts reported, mostly Christmas decorations that were close to the street.

The bottom line? We live in a very safe community, and we need to continue to keep our eyes and ears open to what is going on around us, and to report any suspicious activity or something that you feel is just not right.

Have a safe new year!