SC Shadow Hills — No Storm Flood for us

Have you ever wondered why SCSH was virtually untouched by the recent rain storms? Maybe you're the type who never worries about things that haven't happened...

For the rest of us who are curious as well as relieved, here's a brief explanation:

DelWebb/Pulte invested in property that, for a short time, was situated on a flood plain. For many of us who moved here from the opening of SCSH through approximately 2008, it was necessary to buy flood insurance. Not everyone was subject to this requirement, but, depending on exact location within the community, many paid for 3 or 4 years for the insurance. Once the particular requirements were met, some were refunded 2 years of premiums and "flood plain" designation was removed.'s the reason it was lifted: DelWebb/Pulte had soil engineers and other professionals design an overall plan for our community to spare homeowners and common areas from the ravages of desert storms. To quote from literature in our DelWebb/Pulte Homeowners' information:

Drainage Plan: To ensure the integrity of the foundation, it is important to keep water away from the home, both underground and at the surface. To accomplish this, we develop {sic} an underground drainage system around the entire foundation {of our homes} and a site-drainage plan that encompasses the entire community.

And from Guidelines for Design adopted April 12, 2004:

Drainage: The alteration of existing drainage courses must be avoided. Where hardscape, landscaping or other improvements interfere with drainage, appropriate subterranean drainage is to be provided and directed to the street to prevent run-off onto adjacent lots, common areas or the golf course. Drainage shall not be directed onto sidewalks, curbs, walkways or driveways.

The above mentioned site drainage plan includes some interesting features - retention ponds, such as the one in Phase I near the dog park; one off Monroe in Phase II. The main area designated and planned as a 'catch basin' is the Golf Course. Yes, our main amenity is our safeguard during the infrequent massive downpours we experience. The drainage around our homes is set to steer water - even from irrigation - down to the sides and then out to the street, if necessary. Many people have had to add french drains to ensure these rules and all are responsible for making sure the landscaper adheres to those rules.

Those residents who were here a few years ago remember the flooding on the 1st Hole, 2nd Hole and 12, 13 and 14. No houses were involved as the water was yards away from those houses situated on the course. The retention pond in Phase II, however, was so full water was pumped into the Indio sewer system on Monroe.

And here's another piece of information:

Individual drainage around each of our homes was carefully designed, too. The walls are in sections partially to alleviate massive movement of water as this way, perhaps only one or two sections in any one yard might fall, rather than a whole wall. The 'hole' in the small front wall is another outlet for possible water don't block that!

The front wall of the Community (just north of the main gate) is wrought iron rather than a solid structure. That's so, again in case of water emergencies, the water will rush to the pond/golf course thus sparing buildings (and not knocking down a wall).

So, thanks to foresight, there weren't any you-tube videos of mud-filled homes after this last downpour, no rivers flowing down streets, nor distraught homeowners bravely facing a long cleanup (and insurance claims!).

We weathered that storm very well.