SCSH 5-Acre Parcel Opportunities Townhall Postponed

The Ad-Hoc 5-acre Parcel Committee has advised the Board of Directors to postpone the upcoming Townhall Meetings scheduled for March 10 and March 20.

The Committee met with the City of Indio and learned of recent impending City decisions which would put any of the SCSH development plans on hold. Development of the SCSH 5-acre Parcel hinges upon the City’s recent discussions and possible decision to impose a City-wide storage facility moratorium. The Planning Commission’s belief is the City of Indio is saturated with storage facilities and currently has no need for ANY MORE additional storage facilities, including RV storage facilities. Until the City Council decides about the moratorium, more questions than answers dominate, and we feel our community would be more unsettled without answers.

To that end, the Board is postponing the Townhall meetings on the 5-acre Parcel development until more information is forth coming from the City of Indio on the proposed moratorium of storage facilities.