SCSH Financial Position Remains Strong

The Financial Position of SCSH Community Association remains strong.

As of May 31, 2016 the Association had $1.88 million in cash on hand (1-3 months worth of operating cash is the recommended; $1.88 is approximately 2 months worth of operating cash), and operated at 2.3% under our expense budget with a positive operating net of over $400,000.

The full Treasurer's Summary Report was also presented to residents at the July SCSH Community Association Corporate Board Meeting by Larry Helseth, Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee.
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All of our financials are available in the "Residents Only Area" of this community news website.

Please direct any questions you have about our financials to Carey Thompson, our Community Association Corporate Treasurer at As with all our Corporate Directors, Ms. Thompson is a volunteer, a homeowner. Ms.Thompson is also the retired Director of an $800 million budget for the State of Oregon.