SCSH HOA BOARD Finance Advisory Committee Receives Expanded Charter

One of the things you may have missed at the last Board meeting, was the motion to pass a new charter for the Finance Advisory Committee.

The advisory responsibilities of this all volunteer, homeowner committee have increased exponentially. Among other new responsibilities, they will be conducting financial analyses, analyzing major vendor contracts, reviewing our monthly financials for GAAP compliance, making our financial reports easier for residents to understand. As you can see, the Treasurer’s Monthly Summary Report has already been revised. But there is much work to do and it won’t happen over night. But they have begun.

The new homeowner volunteer Chair of this Committee is Bill Wethe. Bill is an active California CPA and the current CFO of a $15 billion corporation which deals in golf course, F&B, hotel, resort and HOA development & management. The other new homeowner volunteer members on this advisory committee are: Bruce Marley, Retired Investment Banker, Rod Wenger, 10 year owner/operator of a Restaurant chain, 10 year regional director of a restaurant chain, 8 years as a GM for a CV Country Club and 7 years as their F&B Manager and Georgeana Mimms (Gem), retired corporate executive dealing in international finance, marketing and IT. Rod has previously served our community on the ad hoc Food & Beverage Committee and as Chair of the current Food & Beverage Committee. Gem has previously served our community as a member of the ad hoc F&B Committee, the Chair of the Information Advisory Committee, and is the current Chair of the Governing Documents ad hoc Committee.   The Finance Advisory Committee continues to interview potential new members.

Carey THOMPSON, HOA Board Director and Treasurer is the HOA Director liaison to this advisory committee.

to read the new FAC Charter.