SCSH Is Safer Now! Thank you Everyone!

Some of you are probably aware of the recent deadly crash in another 55plus active adult community where a drunk driver in an SUV going 50MPH hit two men and their dogs riding in a golf cart. The men and the dogs were killed. click here to read Desert Sun article

We don't want that happening here. So when your Board was informed by residents that we did have a traffic safety problem in our community, your Board took measures to address the problem. They increased the fines from $50 to $200. So what happened as a result?

When you look at the number of speeders the 7 months before the fine change we had 135 speeding violations and 469 failures to stop.

In the 7 months since the fines have been in effect we have had 79 speeding violations and 282 failures to stop. This is a 59% reduction in speeding violations and 40% in failures to stop.

Let's all keep our community safe. Come to a complete stop at STOP signs at the limit line and obey the speed limit. The accident you prevent, may be your own.

Click here to view the video on the Failure To Stop Problem in SCSH