SCSH Landscape Update September 8, 2014

Hort Tech has been working very hard to perform a basic clean-up and irrigation- check of our common areas. Our community is beginning to look much cleaner and well-groomed, and it will continue to improve over the next several months.

  • We are aware that the appearance of the Jefferson fountain area is not up to our community standards. Much of the foliage had to be removed because of improper irrigation, and the seasonal plantings have not weathered the summer well. The seasonal plantings will soon be removed from the area, as well as from our clubhouses, and the soil will be nourished and prepared for new flowers that will be planted in mid-October.
  • The overall landscape goal is to move to a natural look in common areas. This means that instead of outside shaving, many of the plants and shrubs will be pruned from the inside-out to provide healthy growth.
  • Much of our common area is “overplanted.” This was fine when greenery was first planted by Pulte, but now many areas are overcrowded. Over time, plants will be strategically removed and remaining foliage will be allowed to blossom more naturally. This will also reduce the amount of pruning necessary.
  • Over the next few months expect to see a focus on pruning our trees properly, additional pruning of our bushes and continued clean-up. Hort -Tech rotates through all common-areas (inside and outside the gates) on a two-week basis.
  • Overseeding of the pond/green areas off the Jefferson gate will not begin until early November following the reseeding of the South course. This is because we do not have sufficient water pressure to do the necessary watering of both the golf course and this area simultaneously.

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