SCSH Vendor Access Program — Rules and Regulations


Rules for Contractors and Vendors

Welcome to Sun City Shadow Hills (SCSH) Community. These Rules and Regulations have been developed by SCSH to help Contractors and Vendors understand their responsibility while on the job here in the community. These Rules apply to all contractors, vendors, landscapers, housekeepers, and other service people (referred to in this document each as a “Contractor or Vendor” and collectively as “Contractors and Vendors”). It is the intent of the community to work cooperatively with all Contractors and Vendors to keep SCSH up to date and looking its best. The work done by Contractors and Vendors is appreciated and therefore these Rules have been implemented to maintain a safe and clean work environment and a harmonious working relationship among SCSH homeowners, Contractors and Vendors.

If there are any questions about the information contained here, please feel free to contact the Director of Security, David Archer, at 760-342-4725, or the Assistant General Manager, Rich Smetana, at 760-345-4349 x 227, who can help clarify the policies.


All Contractors and Vendors who enter SCSH more than four (4) times per month must purchase and pay a quarterly fee for a commercial use SCSH transponder. These transponders are programmed to provide access during approved hours of work and only through the Main (Jefferson Street) and North (40th Ave.) gates. Transponder accounts must be kept current or the transponder will be disabled.

Transponders are assigned to specific vehicles and are absolutely non-transferable without updating the transponder registration form. Under no condition shall any Contractor or Vendor use a transponder other than as outlined in this document.

Transponders assigned to homeowners may NOT be used by Contractors and Vendors. Infractions of this rule may result in transponder deactivation, hearings, penalties and fines.

Transponder registration forms are available at the Jefferson Gatehouse, North (40th Ave.) Gatehouse or the Association Office, 80-814 Sun City Boulevard, Indio, CA 92203.

Transponder Purchase Amount:                            $30.00 (includes $10.00 activation fee)

Quarterly Maintenance Fee:                                   $20.00

The completed registration form with the transponder purchase amount of $30.00 and quarterly maintenance fee of $20.00 must be returned to North (40th Ave.) Gatehouse, and must be accompanied with proof of vehicle insurance and current registration. The transponders are designed to break on removal.  

Approved hours of work:

            Monday through Friday               7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

            Saturday                                          8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

            No work allowed on Sunday or Holidays


Holidays Observed:

            New Year’s Day

            President’s Day

            Memorial Day

            Independence Day

            Labor Day

            Thanksgiving Day

            Christmas Day