SCSH Water Rate Hike Info and Responsible Community Conservation

SCSH HOA uses the canal water (reclaimed water, non-potable) to irrigate both golf courses and some of the common areas. The canal reclaimed water rate we were paying was $47.76 per acre foot, Beginning July 1st the price went up to $91.02 per acre foot. That's about a 90% increase.

Other water hikes include:

Domestic water went up approximately 15%. (SCSH HOA is considered a commercial account)

Irrigation water (not reclaimed, but used for irrigation purposes) went up approximately 40%.

So as you can see, water costs are rising.

Governor Brown has stated he would like to make all the Emergency Drought Water Conservation Mandates that the state put in place, permanent.

Anything our community and our residents can do to conserve water is prudent. Last year our community began to responsibly address the serious water conservation issues and our community was highlighted in the Desert Sun for our actions. Click here to read the article. Click here to read about our first turf removal project -- since then, there have been more.

Our community has always been exceptionally well managed in a cost-efficient, cost-effective manner. Click here to read the study which compares SCSH to similar HOAs in the CV.) Our HOA Corporate Boards have always looked ahead to see what is coming down the road that may increase our costs and planned well to mitigate them, while maintaining our lifestyle. This is why our dues are the lowest of all HOA golf communities in the Coachella Valley, our reserves are funded at over 95% and our amenities are among the finest.