Searching For a “Mighty Echo”

mightyechoesIn March 2014, The Mighty Echoes first came to SCSH as an opening act for The Shirelles as part of the Lifestyles Productions Concert Series. The Echoes performance was so well received by our homeowners and guests that Lifestyles Productions asked them back to perform as the headliners at the SCSH Community July 4th Concert.

The Echoes, Harvey Shield, Charlie Davis, Jon Rubin and John Lathan consider themselves true brothers in harmony.   They feel extremely lucky and blessed to be great friends and to have maintained a family atmosphere all these years. Their true affinity for each other and the authentic Doo Wop style inspire their concerts and recordings in a way that sets The Mighty Echoes apart from the rest of the field.

When planning began for the Community July 4th concert, Lifestyle Productions decided there should be a departure from the concert seating format generally used in the concert series and instead focus on getting the performers mingling out and about with the residents throughout the day and then conclude the day with a full concert in the Montecito Ballroom. Singing “a cappella” (music without instruments) is a very difficult talent in a controlled environment, never mind in the lobby of our Montecito Clubhouse.

With more than 800 people roaming around and milling about The Mighty Echoes wandered the halls of the Montecito and in spite of the noise levels sang those great ‘a cappella” Doo Wop songs that we all love and remember so well: “In the Still of the Night”, “Under the Boardwalk”, “Up on the Roof”; one big number after the other. The crowds went wild and wanted more.

At exactly 2PM, as advertised, The Mighty Echoes took the stage of the Montecito Ballroom and once again knocked out song after song -- each one better than the one before and as he had done before when they appeared here Jon Lathan, “The Duke of Earl,” took the opportunity to select a young lady from the audience and crown her The Duchess of Earl bringing the audience to hysterics.

After the 75 minute concert, The Mighty Echoes stayed around to meet and greet, take pictures and sign autographs for every single guest who wanted. But the night wasn’t over yet. There was a woman sitting very timidly, all alone, in the corner near the front entrance to the Montecito. She did not go unnoticed by The Mighty Echoes, their suits soaked in sweat and exhausted from the concert and the rest of the day of “a cappella” singing, all 4 Echoes walked over and stood in front of this lady and Harvey Shield pulled his round pitch pipe out of his pocket, blew a note and the Mighty Echoes began serenading this woman in a Rendition of “What’s your name?”

This goes down as one of the most memorable July 4th celebrations I have had.

The Mighty Echoes play throughout Southern California and can be found at their web site  and on Facebook

Lifestyle Review By Richard Herwig
Photo Credit Darryl Sarrazin and The Mighty Echoes