Photos: Shadow Hills Classics

A group of 15 car enthusiasts from the SCSH Classic Car Club met at an empty parking lot at the corner of Jefferson and Fred Warring to display their fine rides.

John Ziegler (’57 Chev), Doug Fulton (’48 Pontiac), Jack Carter (’65 Mustang), Ken Van Devender (’55 Chev), Doug Hart (’59 T-Bird), Cary Washburn (’32 Ford), Dick Freiman (’66 Nova), Duane Rons (’15 Corvette), Irv Kushner (’55 Chev Nomad), Jerry Brown (’34 Ford), Joe Bourque (’30 Ford), Bud Finley (’34 Ford), George Coyle (’64 Chevelle), Mark Angeline (’51 Chev)



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