Shadows Refresh of the Kitchen

We've all heard a good deal about the refresh of the Shadows dining room that will take place from August 11 through early September. That's when the carpet will be replaced, the pony wall removed, new chairs and tables put in place and valences added to reduce noise. But did you know there are changes that will be made to the kitchen at the same time? Changes that will improve the quality of the food and service at the Shadows.

Putting out a quality restaurant meal is all about efficiency. Goal number one is tasty quality food. Goal number two is efficient service. Both goals can be advanced by cutting a hole in the Shadows kitchen wall.

shadowsfrontCurrently, both the hotline and cold pantry foods in the Shadows kitchen are served from the same area - a very inefficient method.

The plan is to separate the two lines so cold food can be prepared and plated quickly to satisfy guests and hot food can be plated and served to ensure quality hot food. Here's what is being done while the Shadows goes dark:

1. To improve the cold side:

-  A hole will be cut in the wall between the hot line and the pantry kitchen. This will facilitate easier retrieval of cold foods by wait staff.
-   An existing sandwich refrigerator will be moved to the pantry side and a new upright refrigerator will be purchased.
-   A conveyor toaster will also be added so toast is available with breakfast on the hot line and toasted sandwiches can be prepared on the cold side.

Previously, electrical lines were added to try and accommodate the kitchen equipment. It is time to take out the extension cords and make the connections more efficient. Some electrical wiring will be moved when the serve-through access is cut into the cold pantry side.

All replacement refrigerators will be funded by Reserves and Reserves will also cover all the costs associated with the changes on the cold side plan.

2. To improve the hot side:

- Two existing sandwich refrigerator units that are broken will be replaced
- A heat lamp will be added to keep food warm
- The hot line stainless steel shelf that is broken will be repaired
- The kitchen electrical system will be upgraded and meet City code requirements
- The Ansel Fire Extinguisher hood system will be realigned.

The Board has been explicit in their desire for hot, quality food in a great setting with good service. These changes address that.