Shadows Restaurant to go “Dark” During “Refresh”

shadowsfrontOur Shadows Restaurant will go dark during the Board authorized refresh of both the Shadows dining room and kitchen scheduled to take place August 11 through around September 5, 2014.

The Shadows will close after this Sunday Night's Live Music Happy Hour with Reggie "Vision" Alexander.

While the Shadows is dark for the refresh, the Montecito Cafe will host Happy Hour for residents every night from 4 to 8PM.

And on Sundays and Tuesdays -- there will be Live Music Happy Hour at the cafe with Reggie "Vision" Alexander on Sunday and Armando on Tuesday night! Come try the new assortment of Happy Hour foods, listen to some great music and stay cool!

When the Shadows reopens in September for season, we'll have all new furnishing, decor and a much better kitchen facility.