SHGC Turf Improvement Plan: Improved Drainage

golf-driverIn an effort to bring resident golfers of Shadow Hills the highest quality playing conditions, the SHGC team will be instituting a new plan.

The first step in the plan will involve improving course drainage. To reduce dampness on the course, we will be increasing our aerification schedule, verti-cut and top dressing programs.

We are already seeing great results in the reduction of the thatch layer, improved soil conditions and enhanced water percolation through the turf. Healthy turf will withstand our hot temperatures and have a better appearance overall.

Throughout this summer we will continue to execute our agronomic plan so that you and your guests can enjoy a better quality of course conditioning.

(If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tony Chavez, PGA -- Golf Operations General Manager, Shadow Gills Golf Club at [email][/email]