As the sun heats up our desert, snakes are out and about looking for their prey.  Look for them especially in the early morning and late evenings, under shady areas, such as under boulders and bushes.

If you see a snake, be cautious - DO NOT APPROACH; they want less to do with you than you want to do with them!  Give them their space and you won’t have any problems.  MOST snakes are harmless and are good for our environment. They are very helpful with keeping our rodent population down.

However, there are many varieties of poisonous snakes, including Diamondback Rattle Snakes, in our desert and you should leave them alone.   Typically, they will not strike, unless they are frightened or cornered.  Please be mindful of your pets, as well.

There are products available to keep snakes out of your yards, if you wish.