Sparkle, Sparkle

Anyone walking or driving through the intersection of Santa Juliana and Sun City Boulevard has seen the new yellow "bumps" delineating the crosswalk. If you've driven past that intersection (after stopping at the stop sign!) you've seen the flashing lights.

These yellow, solar -powered reflector lights have been installed as a safety measure by the HOA. They operate by solar power which makes them blink during the evening hours for a short while and then shut off. They are triggered each time headlights hit them. They are particularly good around the time daylight savings time expires and darkness comes an hour early; they act as a reminder to walk carefully and drive the same way.

At the moment, these lights are in a trial phase; if they operate correctly and homeowner response is welcoming, they will be installed at other crosswalks, starting with the Santa Rosa Clubhouse...and then finishing with all crosswalks on Sun City Boulevard.