Spotlight on Volunteers: Julie Johnston

It has been said that “The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.” - Anonymous

Since January 2010, Julie Johnston and her brother Denny, (a veteran comedian, and current resident of La Quinta), have been blessing our community with the gift of laughter. Julie moved here from the Brentwood area of West Los Angeles, in 2006, with an extensive 46-year background organizing surgeons’ offices. With her strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and expertise in finance, she has served this community well by volunteering for the “That’s Entertainment” club since 2013, eventually becoming president of the club a few years later.

Due to Julie’s efforts and hard work, the popular “Sir Laffs-A-Lot Comedy Night” has been wildly successful, with sell-out crowds for most of the year. Julie’s contributions do not end there. She has supported the greater SCSH community by donating her net proceeds to other charter clubs, for equipment and supplies, and has helped our HOA to obtain larger ticket items that benefit the entire community. .

Julie believes that maintaining a sense of humor is important to our well-being as we get older. According to Julie, “laughter is a wonderful stress reducer,” and I think most of us would agree with her on that. Julie is a tremendous manager who has served as producer of this event, managing ticket sales, and recruiting fellow residents over the years to help in this endeavor.

In addition to the production of Comedy Night, Julie volunteers her time, working at Bingo Night, and delivers The View magazine.

Finally, regarding Julie’s copious contributions, here is a little-known fun fact about her.

Julie Johnston was the resident who named our Santa Rosa Clubhouse! In response to a Pulte, “Name the Clubhouse “ contest, Julie submitted “Santa Rosa.” Her entry won, and thanks to Julie, our “Santa Rosa Clubhouse” was born. Thanks for all you do, Julie!

Written by Deb Halper, Information Advisory Committee