Stay Informed: Join Your 500-800 Neighbors Who Visit Our SCSH Newspaper Website Each Day

Each day between 500 and 800 residents visit our community website to get information. Just under 2500 residents are registered on our site.

The official Sun City Shadow Hills website is your daily newspaper as well as the depository for community financial, governing document, contract, and other info.

What do we have on the website?

1. The community posts daily announcements that may affect residents as you go about the community.
2. Writes articles about questions residents have such as --
a. Where do the traffic fines go?
b. What impact has the increase in fines had?
c. What does Security do?
3. Posts all our financials in the "Residents Only Area"
4. Posts all Advisory Committee notes in the "Residents Only" area
5. Posts all Board Packets monthly in the "Residents Only" area
6. Posts all Board agendas, monthly in the "Residents Only" area
7. Posts all Board and Advisory Committee agendas monthly in the "Residents Only" area
8. Posts all vendor contracts in the "Residents Only" area
9. Post all governing documents, CC&Rs, By-Laws, Club Rules and Regs, General Rules and Regs, Design Rules, Fine Schedules etc., in the "Residents Only" area
10. Post all upcoming events on calendars and on a daily basis ensuring they are current -- one for Board events, club events, lifestyle events, etc.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on our community news website, you can always ask, or Ask A Question, or write to a Board member at their dedicated email address.

Sometimes we see residents asking questions of other residents on blogs not associated with Sun City Shadow Hills, and we see them getting the wrong answers.

Sometimes we see residents claiming that no one tells them anything -- when we know all the information they are asking for is available right here. We actually saw an email from a gentlemen to another group asking for answers to questions -- and we knew the answers to ALL his questions were already right here on the community news website. He just hadn't looked at his own community news website. SantaRosaclubhouse

Sometimes we see residents bragging that they never use the website -- and then see them complain no one communicates with them and/or they have a lot of misinformation. We don't know where they get their info from -- but where ever it is, it's not here.

Join the rest of the community -- stay informed -- visit your community news website every day for the latest information.