Sun City Shadow Hills — Ahead of the Curve

One of the things you'll learn about Sun City Shadow Hills is that, compared to other active adult communities, we not only have moderate dues, great amenities and well funded reserves -- we are constantly INNOVATIVE!

Desert Landscape: Look around -- see all that desert landscape in the common areas. We have that because as an environmentally responsible community, we're removed a lot of our green space and replaced it with natural desert landscape. We are doing this with the financial assistance of rebates from the Water Authorities. This not only helps the larger community to save precious water, but also assists in keeping our common area water costs lower than they might be now and in the future.

Community News Website:
We also have one of the finest community news websites in the country -- built for the community at no cost by a professional web designer who is a homeowner here. Look around -- you won't see another community website as informative or up to date as ours. Check this site daily for events, activities, news, and alerts!

DwellingLive - DwellingLive is the most advanced visitor management and access control system around. Premiere communities in the CV, like PGA-West use it. You can register your guests/vendors through your computer, your phone, or by using the DwellingLive Phone APP which is a free download. You will receive a text message, if you chose, when a guest or vendor passes through the gate. We have over 250,000 vehicles passing through out gates each month -- this system allows us to manage and track who is in our community, to help keep us even safer. Click here to learn more.

Podcasts: Another homeowner started the podcasts series. He volunteers his time to interview folks of interest both inside and outside the community. You can download these podcasts to your smartphone or IPAD or IPOD and listen to them while you walk, your bike or work out at the gym. Or you can listen to them on line.

Smart Phone APP:
Perhaps the most "hip" item we have to offer residents today, is the free Sun City Shadow Hills Phone App. Search for Sun City Shadow Hills at either the Itunes store or google play store. Just download it to your smartphone and stay up to date with all the events in our community and the latest news. Again, this APP was built at no cost to the community by one of our homeowners.

If you have any ideas for innovations for our community, please let us know. SCSH is ahead of the curve when it comes to community innovation and homeowners help to keep it that way. No old fogeys here! We're always one step ahead making our community an even better, safer, up to date, financially stronger community to live in, protecting your property values along the way.