Sun Tai Chi

The art of Tai Chi is thousands of years old. It was developed in China through five main families and in the temples as they refined the methods of movement for health and longevity. Today, Tai Chi is one of the safest and best forms of exercises as shown in hundreds of medical studies. It is so impressive that Harvard Medical School put out a publication in 2009 to explain many of the amazing health benefits of this unique movement system.

Tai Chi involves slow movements that are done standing or from a chair. This slow movement increases balance, strength, stabilization, and stamina in all the muscle fibers. It is a whole-body exercise that unlocks the facia to free up scar tissue. Each movement involves the breath to quiet the mind for greater concentration and less anxiety. This practice brings oxygen deep into the tissues and wakes the body up. Self-acupressure is also a benefit, as the movements are designed to flow Qi through the meridians.

It is for these reasons that so many people seek out Tai Chi to find the many health benefits for themselves. Some of these benefits are: improved balance, lower blood pressure, improved stamina and leg strength, reduced pain, increased mobility and flexibility, improved nervous system and brain function, better sleep, reduced anxiety, reduced bone loss, cardiac and stroke recovery, reduced Parkinson’s symptoms, and many more.

Tai Chi is safe, low impact, promotes weight loss, and reduces the risk of falling. Please join me for Sun Tai Chi for you long and happy life.

Thank You,

Dr. Robert Haberkorn D.C., MMQ

Sun Tai Chi
Wednesdays at 5:00 pm
Montecito Fitness Center