Thank you. I wish you all well.

As Bugs Bunny would say, “Well, that’s all folks!” I could start this article by writing about my “heavy heart” and my sad farewell, but I won’t. This year, with you, was one of the high points of my career.

When I came last August, one of the first things we did was to hold a Community Forum. We packed the house with over 400 seats filled in the ballroom. We heard from committees and we heard from the Board of Directors, and many of you had a chance to ask questions. I was justlistening and soaking it all up, learning as fast as I could.

What I thought I heard was dissatisfaction and frustration but, the more I listened, the more I heard the committees report what they concluded was needed in this community. Those conclusions were based on what the members and residents were saying about different aspects of the community. The committees listened to the residents.

Over this year, I experienced the committees; I watched and listened to them study, analyze, and report to the Board. Based on those reports from the committees, and the Board Action Forms generated by the committees, the Board approved all kinds of projects, events, repairs, and proposals for the good of the community.

Once the Board approved a specific action, it became Staff’s job to implement it. The examples of this process are innumerable: everything from fitness classes, exercise bikes, drapes, carpeting, swimming pool filters, trees, repairs, and all manner of needs for a community of 3,300 homes came from the members, through the committees, to the Board for approval.

Even the much-maligned Vendor Access Control program shortened the long lines at the gates and created an avenue for control of vendors who did not abide by our traffic rules. Now we have a second shorter Vendor Access Control program for vendors who are not here multiple times in a quarter but need more access than three days a month.

When we consider living in an HOA (and I own property in one also), we give away some of our rights in order to maintain a certain level of integrity for the community. We give up our right to drive 50 miles per hour on Sun City Boulevard. We give up our right to paint our homes or garage doors any color we choose. We give up the right to do short-term rentals out of our casitas. We give up our right to allow our trees and landscape to grow out.

However, in exchange for the loss of some of our rights, we have a beautiful community where amenities abound. I have made such wonderful, dare I say, friends through the committees here. It is very difficult for me to hear complaints. There is so much here that is good; so much is fun, stimulating, and invigorating. The reserves are funded. There is cash on hand to fund a crisis. The pools are clean. The tennis courts are full of happy, healthy people. There is Happy Hour, with food and dancing every week. There are parties every month. There are exercise opportunities for everyone. The Board of Directors is one of the best I have ever worked with. They truly have the best interests of this community and its members at heart. They have a sense of humor which enables good, frank discussion of all topics.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me work with you for this year! I think we made good progress in getting out information in a timely manner. The Food and Beverage operation is poised to launch in September. It can be a wonderful amenity for unifying this community rather than dividing it. The good news is that we have made progress. The better news is that this community has great potential. You have chosen to be a part of it! This is yours to enjoy!

All the best to you! I wish you well.

(Reprinted from The View)