Thank You Larry Helseth For Your Service

By Bill Wethe
Chair, Finance Advisory Committee (FAC)

Larry Helseth joined the FAC in December 2016 and served an additional two months earlier in 2016. Larry provided exceptional service to the Community while on the Committee and he was also the Chair of the FAC Subcommittee for the Major Repair and Replacement Fund and Reserve Study. Over the past two and one-half years, Larry and I implemented several enhancements to the financial reporting templates used by the Treasurer and Controller in reporting the financial position and results of operations for the Association.

Larry also led the review of the monthly bank statements and bank reconciliations for the Association which reviews are now performed by the Controller. Larry led the development of numerous analysis schedules to review the compilations of the Reserve Studies for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Larry and I were also requested to participate with the Board in connection with the investigation, forensic audit, reporting and settlement discussions related to the financial discrepancy.

Larry will complete his service to the Committee and Subcommittee on December 31, 2018. The members of the FAC sincerely want to thank Larry for all the contributions he made during his twenty-six months of service. The Committee members will sincerely miss you.

With Larry’s retirement, the FAC is looking for volunteers in the Community to join the Committee. I am not sure what shoe size Larry wears, but I know we have big shoes to fill. If you are a CPA, active or retired, the FAC would like to meet with you!! If you have an interest in joining the Committee, please obtain, complete and turn in an Advisory Committee Interest Form to the Management Office for the Association. I will then provide additional materials to you for your review and schedule a meeting with you.

Larry, we will miss you. Enjoy your retirement!!

FAC Members: Bill Wethe, Larry Anderson, John Deshaw, Steve Proia, Joe Lupica, and Carey Thompson.