The 5th Annual SCSH Men’s Can/Am Cup Golf Event

It was just another warm and beautiful day on February 6, 2014 as a bunch of boisterous and confident Americans in various shades of red, white and mainly blue, captained by the unflappable Lonnie Leeds, played a Ryder Cup format golf match against the rowdy and raucous Canadians, dressed in their traditional red, captained by the dapper Doug Doell and adept Ken Koskoski. This year’s event was a barnburner from the 7:30 AM shotgun start to the glorious finish as the Americans just barely squeaked by their Canadian counterparts 15-14, with 5 team ties. This was absolutely the best and closest match of the five year series as it took every bit of shot-making (and shot drinking from both teams) from all of the American teams for them to remain undefeated. So, once again, a sea of red stood tall and sang a pretty good rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. I guess the Canadians should know the words by now, eh? And then we all joined in to praise our good neighbors from the far North with the singing of O Canada.

In continuing our new tradition of hospitality houses, the American Hospitality House (Middlebrooks) on the 14th Hole had an American flag-lined cart path to the libations and various snacks. The hosts and hostesses were aplenty as they cheered each foursome as they stopped by for refreshments, fruits and snacks. The Canadian Hospitality House (Howdens) on the 4th Hole was beautifully decorated in red and white and hosted by an energetic and brash group of guys and gals serving a bevy of exotic mixed drinks and delicious deserts. Many, many thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who braved the early morning chill and stayed throughout the contest.
This event is just one of the many highlights of the SCSH Men’s GC and we are looking forward to next year’s stellar get together and perhaps even a “first time” Canucks victory? Lonnie says “Call Me Maybe NOT!!!”
Please enjoy the fine photos by Les Widerynski, John Council and Arnold Choy of this prestigious event. It just keeps getting better and better...

The victorious American Team and the lovely American Hospitality House and joyful volunteers (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)

The second place Canadian Team and their slew of volunteers at their Canadian Hospitality House (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)

The courageous Captains, Lonnie Leeds, Ken Koskoski and Doug Doelle

Checking and double checking all scorecards and results, it was soooooo close this year

Americans and Canadians checking-in for the 2014 CanAm Event (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)

Various photos of zany attired players, lots of dressed up carts, and a bunch of participants (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)

Lonnie Leeds announcing a host of raffle winners and the final results of the competition (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)

Jerry Irwin and Doug Doelle leading in the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)

Post event libations with the Captains, smiling faces win, lose or draw!!! (click on thumbnails to see larger image slideshow)