The Sunny Cup Returns to Shadow Hills!

February 16 was the day of the eighth annual Sunny Cup Tennis Tournament pitting Sun City Shadow Hills against Sun City Palm Desert. It was a two-day tournament featuring men’s and women’s doubles on the first day and mixed doubles on the final day. Sun City Shadow Hills prevailed by a score of 182 to 165.

Sun City Shadow Hills players included:

Women: Linda Aasen, Diane Carey, Jacqui Chin, Jill Crichton, Jill Delaney, Margaret Gouveia, Linda Johnson, Terri Johnson, Clare Kuhn, Gricell Reinhold, Dolores Shore, Patty Terhar, Karen Tong

Men: Roger Bell, Charlie Best, Vince Chin, Ned Hoffman, Greg Jervis, Keith Johnson, Jim Legarra, Ron Poulton, Don Rintoul, Robert Young