There is no $1 million loss: Stu Stryker, HOA Board Treasurer

A note from your HOA Board Treasurer – Stu Stryker

We did not have a $1 million loss in 2015.

It is unfortunate that anyone would spread misinformation that our community lost a million dollars in 2015.

It is an irresponsible statement made by someone who apparently is not familiar with financials, does not know how our community operates and simply is not correct.

All residents should be comfortable in knowing we did not have a million loss in 2015.

Looking at the consolidation of our 3 sets of financial statements (PCM and WGP F&B, WGP Golf) currently have on hand around $1.5 million in our operating cash, we had an overall deficit of $561,000 – of this, $530,000 is due to funds we transferred from our operating account to our Reserve Account to bring it up to 95.3% funded.

You can review the December Treasurers Consolidated Summary Report below. The Board has not yet approved the December financials, however the unapproved December financials are in the Board Packet online.

You can rest assured that we are financially sound and our dues will continue to be $217 during 2016 -- the lowest HOA dues of any HOA Golf Community in the Coachella Valley.

Stu Stryker, Treasurer
HOA Board