Transition Committee

Our developer, Pulte, has finally finished building in our community and have sold all of their homes.  They are putting some finishing touches on the community, like our Phase 3 dog park, and are getting ready to leave.

Before the Board of Director signs off on the last part of Phase 3 they had an Ad Hoc Committee formed called the Ad Hoc Transition Committee.  The members are retired commercial landscaper, retired general contractor, maintenance staff, attorney with Epsten, Grinnell and Howell, our GM, Ceasar Larrach and board liaison, Joan Dzuro.

The purpose is to work at getting all the as built plans we can, review to see if things were done per the plans, review the punch list items for completion.

During this process it was found that there was some concerns regarding what appeared to be excessive cracking of the roads on the final installed streets in Phase 3.  Engineers will be looking at the streets and the Association’s legal firm is working with Pulte to determine the status of these roads and work on a solution before Pulte leaves.

The Transition Committee meets monthly to follow-up on action items and create next steps.