Transparency? It’s right here

Do you believe we should have transparency in our community?  So does your HOA Board.   To achieve that, your Board authorized this online community newspaper ( for residents of Sun City Shadow Hills.

Each day we publish articles and notices about everything and anything going on in our community  -- such as if there's been a change in the location or time of a Board meeting, information on the new DwellingLive system, the refurbish for the Ballroom, the new contract with UPS, developments in the new community strategic plan, news from the clubs, how our Advisory Committees work and much, much more. We let you know all the news!

Each day we also add new information to the Residents Only area -- committee meeting agendas and notes that let you know what the advisory committees are discussing, the monthly income statements for the community that tell you where we stand financially, the contracts the Board has entered into, the community budget that the Board creates each year, the mission statements of each of our advisory committees, the Board Agenda that tells you what our Board will be discussing at the next meeting and the Board Notes and Board Motions Passed that tell you what was discussed and what decisions were made and much more.

We also have a "Recent Questions and Answers" area where you can find what other residents are asking. Here you can find out what we pay our contractors, what's the latest in Security, various rules and regulations that affect our community and more.

If that's not enough -- we also have an "Ask A Question" feature where residents are encouraged to ask  questions about our community, our financials, our internal accounting controls, our policies -- and get correct answers.

If you'd like to learn more about how to navigate your website, the Computer Club will be holding free classes for residents during April and May. For more information, click here.

Be in the know! Check your online SCSH Community Newspaper at daily. That's why we are here!